General Frequently Asked Questions

This document goes over a general pool of frequently asked questions by others. This has been created to provide clarity of particular processes or objects.

If you are experiencing a particular issue or have a specific question, try going to the category of that issue to receive answers. For example, if you have a WiFi question, there will be a document under this FAQ category clearing up any popular questions.

If these FAQs don't answer your question or problems, please reach out!

Q: What is my _____ username & password?
  • Computer? It is the first letter of your first name combined with your last name. For example, John Doe is jdoe. The password is the password you use to log into the computer.
  • Email, OneDrive, Teams? It is your email like and your computer password.
  • Portal? It is your computer login like jdoe and your computer password.
  • Green Screen? It is like jdoe or d999 and your Green Screen password, it is not your computer password.

Q: Should I email or call x2525?
A: It is recommended you reserve calls for critical and high priority IT problems. Critical and high priority IT problems are seen as a line unable to continue production or an account is locked causing work/production potentially shut down for the day. We would like to keep the x2525 available for these kind of events as our resources to answer phones is low.

If the problem is not critical and/or a high priority IT problem, please email IT with as much detail as possible.

Q: When I log in to my computer or Green Screen, it says that I am locked out?
A: You will need to email or call ext.2525 for IT to unlock your account. ****

Q: What is an asset tag?
A: It is a blue small property sticker on any equipment given to IT. IT will often ask what your asset tag number is when they need to remote into your computer. The number is the 'IT00####' on the blue sticker like below.

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This document will continuously update with more questions and answers about IT and our processes.

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