Enter Key Not Working - Symbol Scanner

This Documentation will walk through the process of cold resetting a symbol scanner to fix the enter key.


Step 1. Press the release buttons on the side of the scanner to partially eject the battery.

Step 2. While the battery is partially released, simultaneously press and release the trigger and the power button. (The device should reboot here)

Step 3. **Do not press any other buttons during this time.** Reinsert the battery and allow the device to boot up.

Step 4. Once the device boots up, calibrate the screen by pressing the cross hairs in the designated locations. Press the enter key to finish the calibration. Do not press anything after calibrating.

Step 5. **Important**
Wait for the "Telnet CE" app to flash on the screen before opening it. If you open the application before the flash, the enter key will Not work. 

Step 6. Once the Telnet CE app has flashed, go ahead and open the program and you are finished

Verifying Functionality

  1. Sign into green screen with the scanner and use the enter key after you have input your credentials.

Additional Help

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