Mapping the New RVI Image Folder


This help doc applies to anyone who needs access to the RVI Image folder for green screen.



Step 1. Open File Explorer on your taskbar at the bottom of the screen and click on This PC on the left-hand side.


Image Placeholder

Step 2. Right-click the Image Folder and click Disconnect (If the folder does not exist, skip to Step 5)


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Step 3. Restart your computer and sign back in.


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Step 4. Repeat Step 1


Step 5. Click on the Computer Tab at the top of File Explorer and click Map Network Drive

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Step 6. Make Changes to the following outlined boxes below.

Drive: I (i)

Folder: \\\Image

Check “Connect using different credentials”

Click Finish when done making changes

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Step 7. Sign into the Image folder using the login credentials that you would use if you were signing into Green Screen.

NOTE: You MUST use the server name followed by a backslash S1046287\ in the username box in order for your credentials to work. 

Username: S1046287\znord 

Password: ************

Click OK when finished.

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The Image folder should appear after clicking OK. If the 'Enter network credentials' box reappears with your username and password still entered, make sure 'Remember my credentials' is checked then click OK again.

Additional Help

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