• Must know the Green Screen username/login

Removing the Extra Green Screen Login Box

This doc will go over how to prevent this box from opening causing users to sign in two times.

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Step 1. Open Green Screen. If get the extra login box, enter your credentials.

Step 2. At the top left corner, click on Communication then Configure...

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Step 3. A new box will pop up, click on Properties.

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Step 4. Another box will pop up, click the drop down and select Use default User ID, prompt as needed and type your Green Screen username/login in the User ID: field like John Doe. Click OK once completed.

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Step 5. Make sure Specify workstation ID is selected and type your Green Screen username/login in the box like John Doe. Once done, click OK.

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Step 6. The box will close and another will pop up. Click OK. It will refresh your session with the new settings.

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You're finished!!

Additional Help

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