How to Submit an IT Issue or Request

Use this guideline whenever creating an IT ticket for better help on the issue or request. 


Step 2. Click Submit a Request in the top right hand corner

Step 3. Input your name into the Name field

Step 4. Input your email into the Email field

Step 5. For the Subject field, state the general problem or request

Step 6. For the Message field, give as much information as possible on the issue or request. The more information you can give about the problem, the quicker we can help with the request and the better you can help us help you. 

For Issues, please provide information such as... (If applicable)

- What the issue is?

- When does it happen?

- Where the issue is happening (What system, What device, What department)

- How to recreate the issue? (The process or steps taken prior)

- Any additional detail about the issue (This helps tremendously!)

Our goal is to figure out why the issue is happening and what we can do to prevent it from happening again. 

For Requests,

- Who is the request for (Person, Department)

- What exactly is being requested

- Any additional detail about the request

Step 7. (Optional) For the Attachments field, take a picture or create a snip of the issue that is happening. 

Step 8. Click on Send Inquiry

Additional Help

If you have any questions or ideas to make this document easier to follow, please  go to the top right above this document to Submit a Request or the Contact us link below and we will answer any questions or implement ideas!