Connecting to the Quaker Wi-Fi with yourAndroid

This document will walk you step by step on how to connect to the Quaker Wi-Fi. 


Step 1. Tap on your Settings app. Depending on what model of phone you have will determine the style of the icon. Nonetheless, it will look like a gear. 
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Step 2. Tap on 'Connections'
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Step 3. Tap on Wi-Fi to go into its connections. 
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Step 4. Tap on the 'Quaker' Wi-Fi. You may have to scroll. 
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Step 5.  Fill out the fields boxed in red. They must be: 
               1.Select PEAP
               2. Enter your computer username. EX: John Doe is jdoe.
               3. Enter your computer password. 
               4. Select 'Don't Validate' 
               5. Tap Connect
              You will see that you are connected to the Quaker Wi-Fi under the Current Network category. 
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Questions & answers:
Q: I have more than 4 red box fields on my phone than what it shows in Step 5?
A: This due to having the EAP method category set to anything BUT PEAP. Make          sure PEAP is selected and you will get the fields you need. 
      If you do have PEAP selected under EAP method and there are other fields,            disregard them. You only need to fill out the red 1-4 boxes in Step 5. 
 Q: I get an error saying "Couldn't connect. Invalid credentials", how do I fix this?
 A: This is commonly seen when the username/identity has been entered                      incorrectly. Make sure you are entering your first name initial and your last            name. For example, John Doe would be jdoe.  

Q: I get an error saying "Couldn't connect to network", how do I fix this?
A: This is commonly seen when the password has been entered incorrectly. Double check your password by entering it a second time making sure you are entering the right characters.  
     Also make sure you are typing in your computer or email password. One good way to test this is to log out of your computer and log into your computer with the username and password you are using to try to connect to the Wi-Fi. If you successfully log in, try logging into the Wi-Fi one more time to make sure you are tapping on all the right letters and symbols. If your computer is telling you that you are locked out, you will need to contact IT. 

Additional Help

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