Adding/Removing Members of an Office365 Group as the Owner

- You must be an Owner of the Office 365 group to be able to make changes to the group.


Step 1. Sign in to the Outlook application on your computer

Step 2. From the Home tab, Scroll down to the bottom of your inbox on the left-hand side and find a drop-down called "Groups"

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Step 3. Select the group that you would like to modify the members to in the drop-down list

Step 4. Click "Group Settings"

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Step 5. Click "Add Members". (If Removing, go to step 6b.)

Step 6a. To add a member, search for the account you would like to add to the group. Click "Ok"

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Step 6b. To remove a member, click the red X next to their name when you highlight them. This will remove them from the group

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Step 7. Click "Ok" and you are finished!

Additional Help

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