The QC Scanner must be charged

Download and Print

How to Connect the Motorola CS3070 Scanner to the QC Tablets

Step 1. Download and Print the PDF above for a later step.

Step 2. From the desktop of the QC tablet, click the Windows icon and type in Bluetooth and hit enter.

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Step 3. Click Add Bluetooth or Other Device.

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Step 4. Click Bluetooth.

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Step 5. Turn on the Motorola scanner by press the plus button.

Step 6. Hold the small circular button on the bottom of the scanner until it beeps and starts flashing a blue LED rapidly.

Step 7. In the list of Add a Device on your tablet, an input should appear for CS3070. Click the input. A pin should appear after clicking the input for CS3070

(If you are not prompted with a pin, just enter 123456789 in the box below and click connect)

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Step 8. Enter the pin by scanning the numbers on the page that were printed earlier. When you are finished scanning the numbers for the pin, scan the Enter barcode to finish.

Your device should now be paired.

Additional Help

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