Restarting the Desk phone

Restarting the desk phone is a great way to fix performance problems with phones. Some may be:

  • Static audio
  • No audio
  • Cannot make or receive calls, but the phone is on
  • Screen issues

Not all desk phone problems will be solved through this process, but most performance issues are solved through this process. If it isn't, please contact IT!


Step 1. Navigate to the back of the phone where the cables are plugged in.

Step 2. Unplug the cable from the port with either icons like below. The phone will turn off

Image Placeholder
          6920 model icon                    5330 model icon

 Image Placeholder 
*This phone is a 6920 model

Step 3. Then, plug the cable back into the same port. The phone will turn on and begin the boot process.

Step 4. Check the phone for any signs of the problem or try reproducing the problem.

Additional Help

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