• Must have the Authenticator app on your cell phone.
  • Must be connected to your home/hotel WiFi first

How to connect to the VPN

This document will walk you through how to navigate and connect to the Quaker's Virtual Private Network (VPN) that allows you to access all of Quaker's internal resources like Paycom and Green Screen.

**This will not work if you are already connected to Quaker's network**


Step 1. Open Start Menu > Search "VPN" > Click on Change virtual private networks (VPN) 


Step 2. Click on Quaker VPN and click Connect. 

Image Placeholder

Step 3. Enter your user name and password. Example: corp\username then password below

Before next step and for optimal success, open your phone and open the blue lock app that you've set up for Multi-factor Authentication. It is called Authenticator and it looks like this

 Step 4. Click OK. 

Step 5. You should get this notification after you entered your username and password and have the below loading screen. Go to your personal cell phone and Approve the 'Sign-in Required' message.

If you wait too long to approve, you will need to reconnect again going back to Step 2.

After approving, the 'Action needed' will change to 'Connected' and you are on the Quaker internet. You're finished!

Additional Help

If you have any questions or ideas to make this document easier to follow, please  go to the top right above this document to Submit a Request or the Contact us link below and we will answer any questions or implement ideas!