How to Set Your Default Printer

This document will walk you through how to set a printer as your default printer. 

Default printer?
A default printer is a status to which you can assign to a printer. After the printer has been set as your default printer, it will be automatically selected when you print an email, order, or a pdf. This saves time from having to scroll through your list of printers for the one that you need. 


Step 1. Type in the Windows Search bar 'Printers' and hit enter or click on 'Printers & Scanners' in the search results. 


Step 2. Click on the printer you wish to add and click on 'Manage'.


Step 3. Click on 'Set as default'. The printer status will change to 'Default' which means you have successfully made it your default printer. 

               Image Placeholder

Verifying Functionality

Step 1. To make sure the printer is your default printer, open your email. 

Step 2. Click on a random email. 
Step 3. Go to File at the top left corner.
            Image Placeholder
Step 4. Confirm that the printer you had set as your default printer automatically shows as the printer the email will print. Above I had selected FB_01_ITTest_030 on srvps01 to be my default printer and below you can see that it was successful. 

Additional Help

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